Welcome to the next era of Gaming!

Eternal Dragons is the next step in gaming. Create and explore a world of dragons, and collect and breed new powerful combinations.
Earn unique rewards and incentives, build their own stories and make your mark in gaming history.
Eternal Dragons offers an environment where players truly own their assets, and the gaming universe is decentralized, secure, and always running.

A Multi-Chapter Epic

The first game in a 3 part trilogy of interconnected entertainment.



- Eternal Dragons Genesis Dragons
- Release successfully completed
- Eternal Dragons Convention Berlin
- Eternium Launch
- Perks and Benefits for Genesis Dragons holders


- Chapter 1: Alpha Demo
- Chapter 1: Early Access
- Prologue: Breeding Game
- Project X - announced soon
- Eternal Dragons - Chapter 2: Concept and design stage


- Chapter 1: Beta Access
- Chapter 1: Open Access
- Chapter 2: Alpha Access
- Chapter 3: Concept and design started

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